Packaging and delivery

Customised packaging

It is not possible to use standard pallets due to the irregular measurements.

This usually gives long, narrow packages, custom packed with onetime packaging.

1. Packaging costs are included in the price.
2. Packaging cannot be returned.


Unloading is not part of the delivery.

1. You must unload yourself.
2. Packets oftentimes need to be unloaded from the side of the truck.
3. Using a forklift truck is necessary (lifting capacity minimum 1000 kg).

When unloading from the side with a forklift truck is not possible, please let us know ahead of time!
The type of transport can then be adjusted to prevent problems at delivery.

Action when there is visible damage

Check the delivery before unloading to see if there is obvious visible damage.

You can refuse the delivery (see below).
When there is limited damage or in case of doubt, you can do the following:

1. When there is visible damage, ALWAYS MAKE NOTE OF IT on the freight document.
2. Unload the materials and start using them.
3. Inform as soon as possible.

If after unloading and usage it is evident that damage has been done,
then we would like to receive your complaint so that we can solve this.

Refuse delivery

In case the damage is very visible, it is best to refuse the delivery.

Take action by doing the following:

1. When refusing, ALWAYS MAKE NOTE OF IT on the freight document.
2. Inform as soon as possible.

We will quickly arrange for a new delivery with the correct materials.