Roller conveyor assembly

Your roller conveyor pre-assembled free of charge

We pre-assemble your roller conveyors, stands and curves, free of charge.

After delivery only few actions are needed:

1. The roller conveyor elements and curves need to be connected to the stands.
2. If end profiles are used, then these need to be mounted to the roller conveyor.

It is best to carry out these simple proceedings with 2 people.
All parts (connection pieces, M8 bolts and nuts) are included.
An instruction manual is also included.

Unique service

When you order the stands you can state your desired height of the roller conveyor.
The roller conveyor stands are pre-assembled and factory set at the requested height.
This unique service is free of charge at


Needed for roller conveyors, stands, curves, end profiles:

- Wrench 13 mm (preference is 2 pieces)

Extra for possible floor attachment:

- Drill with 10 mm (concrete) drill.
- Wrench 17 mm

Floor attachment

Due to the stable stands with large foot plates, floor attachment is not necessary.
But depending on the usage, it can be useful to attach the roller conveyors to the floor.

The stands are provided with mounting holes in the foot plates.
Steel anchors for concrete floors are included (2 pieces per stationary H-stand).