Roller conveyor curves

Roller conveyor curves give flexibility

Roller conveyor curves allow you to use your roller conveyor more flexibly.
The roller conveyor can then reach multiple locations in your layout or can avoid objects.

Our roller conveyor curves

We offer a 45 degree roller conveyor curve. This is a so called “half” curve.

Two 45 degree curves together form a 90 degree conveyor curve.
The 2-part 90 degree curve is used a lot and can therefore also be ordered as a complete product.

Four 45 degree curves together form a 180 degree conveyor curve (whole turn).

Special 3-part curve rollers

1. Each curve roller is made out of 3 separate (smaller) rollers.
2. In this way, boxes or bins follow the curve and a side guide on the curve is often not necessary.
3. This prevents boxes from getting stuck or falling off while following the curve.

Clever and safe curve profiles

A closed curve profile is technically challenging, but very important for a safe and comfortable work environment. has taken the challenge and only delivers closed curve profiles.
With this clever curve profile, you can now work with safe and comfortable curves.
And of course for a striking low price.

No sharp edges, no protruding axles.

Your employees have the right to work in a safe, comfortable and motivating workspace.
This allows for a better work environment and enhances productivity.