The order process

Ordering roller conveyors online

Ordering and paying without logging in.
This is where we show you the ordering process step by step.

No interest in ordering online?
Order by email, fax or telephone. Or let us make you a quotation first.

Choosing products and adding them to shopping cart

1. Choose a product.
2. Add the amount you want to order.
3. Put the product in the shopping cart by clicking the “order” button.
4. If applicable, choose a new product and repeat steps 1+2+3.

Open the shopping cart (ordering screen 1)

1. Open the shopping cart by clicking on it.
2. Check if the correct products are there, with the right amount.
3. You can delete or edit products and amounts per product.
4. If you agree, then click on “keep shopping”.

Choose delivery and payment method (ordering screen 2)

1. Choose which country your office is situated.
2. Choose a delivery method.
3. Choose a payment method.
4. If you agree, click on “keep shopping”.

Fill in your details (ordering screen 3)

1. Fill in your details at “Invoice address” (you might need to scroll down some).
2. Is the invoice address not the delivery address, then also fill in the delivery address (choice tick).
3. Optional comments can be placed here (we always take them seriously).
4. You must accept the general terms and conditions.
5. After acceptance, then click on “continue ordering”.

Overview Order (ordering screen 4)

1. This is where you can check all details.
2. For editing, you can click on the button “back” to go back to an earlier ordering screen.
3. After acceptance, then click on “send order” and finalize your order.

Confirmation and Invoicing

1. After ordering in the web shop, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.
2. Within a few days we will send you a detailed order confirmation per email.
3. With payment in advance the original invoice will accompany the detailed order confirmation.

Processing and Delivery

1. With payment in advance the delivery time starts once we have received our payment.
2. With payment on account the delivery starts at the moment you have placed your order.
3. The ordered goods will be delivered within the stated delivery time.
4. If you choose for local pick up, we will inform you when your order is ready for collection.

We always make things work out just right

When the order or the ordering process is unclear, we will always contact you first.
We will also do this when your comments give us a reason to contact you.

Your order is final when all issues have been cleared up and solved.

Do you have questions or comments? Please contact us and we will solve it quickly.

We like to make you happy.