Application area

Boxes and bins

The roller conveyor is suitable for boxes and bins with a flat, stable bottom.

1. The bottom needs to be flat and stable, with no protruding parts.
2. Ribs in the rolling direction usually do not give problems.
3. Bins with cross ribs or blocks under the bottom are not always suitable.

When in doubt, let us test

When doubting, send a picture of the bottom of the bin or box and you will hear from us.
Or send us a bin or box! Then we will test these on our roller conveyor, free of charge.

Dimension of boxes and bins

The roller conveyor is optimised for boxes and bins from 200x300 to 400x600 mm (HXD).

Other dimensions function well too.
Note: Larger dimensions can stick out of the roller conveyor width.

Width (W-min.) minimal: 100 mm.
Width (W-max.) maximum: 500 mm (advice for curves: max. 400 mm).
Length (L-min.) minimal: 280 mm.
Length (L-max.) maximum: Unlimited (advice for curves: max. 600 mm).

Weight capacity

Maximum 165 kg per linear meter roller conveyor.
Maximum 15 kg per single roller.
Valid when load is spread evenly.


The roller conveyors are suitable for:

1. Indoor use.
2. Normal humidity, no condensation, no dripping water.
3. Normal dust load, normal chemical atmospheric composition.
4. Environment temperature +5°C up to +40°C.

Roller conveyor length

The roller conveyor length is unlimited (simply add roller conveyors elements).

Roller conveyor height

The height of the top of the roller conveyor depends on the used stands.

Height range top the roller conveyor on stationary H-stands: 425 to 900 mm.
Height range top the roller conveyor on mobile H-stands: 550 to 875 mm.
Several stands are available, each with its own height range.

Please contact us if you need another height range.