We want satisfied customers

That is why we make sure we deliver a good product.

Let us know

Does the delivery not meet your expectations?
Please contact us and we will make sure the problem is solved quickly.

Report your complaint

Contact us with the following information:

1. Short description of the complaint (if possible, with pictures).
2. Your name and company details.
3. If possible, year of purchase and any other purchasing details.

We will contact you within 2 business days to handle your complaint.

Do not send products back

Never send products back, but always contact us first.
This counts for all products except for the TEST FIRST (try before you buy) products.

Transport damage

Check the delivery before unloading for visible damage.

You can refuse the delivery (see below).
With limited damage or in case you doubt the situation, you can act in the following manner:

1. When there is visible damage, ALWAYS MAKE NOTE OF IT on the freight document.
2. Unload the materials and start using them.
3. Inform as soon as possible.

If after unloading it is evident that damage has been done,
then we would like to receive your “complaint” so that we can solve this.

Refuse delivery

In case the damage is very visible, it is best to refuse the delivery.

Take action by doing the following:

1. When refusing, ALWAYS MAKE NOTE OF IT on the freight document.
2. Inform as soon as possible.

We will quickly arrange for a new delivery with the correct materials.