Make a quotation

Reasons for a quotation

1. When you want to decide on a budget.
2. When you do not want to order through the web shop.
3. When you want to present the quotation to others within your company.
4. When you expect to need more than € 10.000,00 worth of roller conveyors.

Whatever your reasons are, we are happy to make a (pdf) quotation for you.

How it works

1. Download the Quotation request form.
2. Fill in the form and send it to us.
3. When we have questions or if anything needs clarification, we will contact you.

Of course you can also contact us and let us know your requests.

Delivery time quotation

You will receive our PDF quotation within 2 business days after receiving your quotation request.

Revisions and changes

After going through your quotation, you might want to adjust or change some things.
Inform us and we will be happy to revise the quotation.

Order and pay

If the quotation meets your expectations, send us your approval or purchase order.

You will receive our detailed confirmation within a few days.
With payment in advance, you then will also receive the original invoice per email.
With payment on account, you will receive the original invoice after delivery.

Dutch and German bank accounts are available.


For the quotation we use the prices and discounts as displayed in the web store.

2% discount (on whole order) for orders over € 1.000,00 (excluding freight costs).
5% discount (on whole order) for orders over € 3.000,00 (excluding freight costs).
10% discount (on whole order) for orders over € 5.000,00 (excluding freight costs).

Starting at € 10.000,00, we use project-based (lower) prices via a quotation.