We guarantee good quality. Simple as that.

Roller conveyors from Rollerconveyorshop.com are durable and reliable. That is how we want it.
Our conveyor technique is specially designed to operate trouble-free for decades.
If for some reason a problem does arise, then we solve it quickly and well.

2 year warranty

For all parts of the roller conveyors, the warranty term is valid for 2 years.

1. The warranty covers material and production errors.
2. Defects caused by wrong usage (like overcharge) are excluded from the warranty. See application area.
3. The warranty covers the delivery of spare parts, unassembled.
4. Possible follow up costs or damage are not included in the warranty and will not be reimbursed.

Download the complete warranty terms & conditions here.

Warranty claim

Contact us and send us the following information:

1. Short description of the complaint (if possible, with pictures).
2. Your name and company details.
3. If possible, year of purchase and any other purchasing details.

We will contact you within 2 business days to handle your warranty claim.