Lowest price, best quality

Low-priced, but high quality

We offer you low-priced roller conveyors, but with the best possible quality.

Other low-priced roller conveyors save on material costs and quality.
That is how a low price comes about, but you let go of safety, durability and user-friendliness.

We do it differently

Safety, durability and user-friendliness are all just as important to us as price.
The result is a roller conveyor design with a perfect combination of all variables.

Our price can be kept low because we have a limited but clever assortment.
In which the roller conveyors are applicable in about 80% of the time.

Safe side beams with covered axles

We do not have sharp edges from open profiles or protruding axles.
But we do have round and closed profiles. For curves as well.

Robust and stable construction

We do not have thin profiles or weak stands.
W we do have a robust construction made of thick sheet metal and durable, stable stands.

You buy from the manufacturer

Due to our own manufacturing and direct sales through internet, our overhead is limited.
You benefit from our low production costs. This allows us to set a low price.