Roller conveyor stands

Stands are adjustable in height

A roller conveyor needs to be supported.
Several types of stands are available. Always heavy-duty and adjustable in height.

H-stand, stationary or mobile

This is the standard roller conveyor stand for stand-alone roller conveyors.

1. Tilted head plate to position the roller conveyor straight or tilted.
2. Large foot plate for stable positioning (floor attachment is possible).
3. Pre-assembled delivery.
4. Unique: Stands factory pre-set on your personal desired roller conveyor height.

The H-stands are available in several height variants.
Choose the right height variant to fit your desired roller conveyor height.

Stand quantity

You will need 1 stand more than the total amount of roller conveyor elements and curves.
Note: For a 2-part 90° curve, 1 extra stand in the middle is needed.

L-stand for flow rack integration

For the integration of a roller conveyor at the front of a Flowrack live storage rack.

L-stands are to be used exclusively with original Flowrack live storage racks.
L-stands are delivered in separate parts (to mount to the flow rack on-site).