Unique roller conveyor profile

We are focussed on the user

At Rollerconveyorshop.com we are focussed on the user.
Our roller conveyor is the only low-priced roller conveyor with closed profiles!

We do not have sharp edges

The user always comes in close contact with the roller conveyor.
Sharp edges and protruding parts are therefore undesirable and dangerous.

1. We do not have sharp sides.
2. We do not have protruding axles.

Rounded and closed profiles

Rounded and completely closed on the user side.

For trouble-free and safe working against and along the roller conveyor.

Also for the roller conveyor curves

Of course we have not forgotten the roller conveyor curves.
With a clever construction we also realize safe profiles here.

Safe working environment

For an employer, it is necessary to provide a safe working environment.
By making the right choice, this is easy to achieve without spending extra money.
Choose Rollerconveyorshop.com

Give your employees what they need

Working in a safe and positive environment is important.
Your employees will be grateful.