Low-priced roller conveyor

Low-priced, yet high quality

Our low-priced roller conveyor is also the best low-priced roller conveyor.

Other low-priced roller conveyors save on quality, safety and working comfortably.
But at the Rollerconveyorshop.com you buy a high quality roller conveyor for a low price.

The secret of a low price

We offer a limited, but clever choice, enough for most situations.

The low price

1. Low price by offering just one conveyor width (400 mm).
2. Low price by offering just one roller distance (92 mm).
3. Low price because you buy directly from the manufacturer.

The best roller conveyor

1. The best because of a safe and rounded roller conveyor profile.
2. The best because of thick, strong profiles and robust H-stands.
3. The best because of adjustable, heavy-duty H-stands.
4. The best because of curves with special curve rollers and closed profiles.